Alcohol and Drug Services

August 22, 2019
Logo for ADS - Alcohol & Drug Services

For years, ADS was primarily known in the Greensboro community as a substance use agency and was previously known using the full words, “Alcohol and Drug Services.” While working alongside COE and Cone Health Foundation (CHF), the ADS board took a formal vote to change the name to “ADS”, dropping the use of the full wording “Alcohol and Drug Services.” This new agency title reflected that the agency expanded its focus to dual-diagnosis treatment and integrated primary care, rather than focusing on only substance use treatment.

The COE has assisted ADS in becoming a more integrated site including enhancing their onsite integrated care services. Specifically, ADS has streamlined their workflows and created a multidisciplinary team meeting from all agency service lines to enhance quality services. Progress was made in streamlining their IT so that both the integrated primary care side would have access to the same information in patient record’s as the co-occurring side of the agency, enhancing coordinated care, as well as making changes to the system to ensure documentation reflects increased use of stage-wise assessment and treatment. The COE facilitated the creation of team meetings which increased coordination of care across the site as well as assisted with the dual-licensing of a clinician in order to increase capacity for patients to be seen.

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