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August 16, 2019
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Kellin Foundation has partnered with the Center of Excellence for Integrated Care as part of the Cone Health Foundation Co-Occurring Disorders Collaborative for the last four years. With the COE assisting Kellin in transforming from a mental health only agency to a dual-diagnosis enhanced service delivery, this transition significantly increased the number of individuals in the community they can serve. Lylan Wingfield, clinician and deputy director shared, “[working with the COE] has definitely enhanced our service array that we provide and [we can now provide] folks with more specialized treatment options. For our clients, it is nice to be able to see one therapist that can address both disorders rather than have to go to a group at a substance use agency and then an individual therapist over here.” Wingfield noted the improved convenience and improved outcomes for clients as well.

Kellin has been able to initiate a thriving on-site peer support program for clients, increased their ability to provide stage-wise assessment and treatment for co-occurring disorders, and has built capacity to serve clients regardless of disorder acuity or severity. Clinicians and staff have been able to participate in trainings on providing culturally appropriate services to clients using a cultural humility lens and treatment for opioid use as well as other trainings facilitated by the COE. In addition, clinicians and staff have participated in learning collaboratives about the impact of social determinants of health on their client’s progress and treatment and how to best address these needs. Wingfield shared that, “the trainings and collaborative meetings have been very helpful and the [learning collaboratives] that the COE has facilitated let us have a regular touchpoint with other agencies and resources in the community and connect to work together.”

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