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The Foundation for Health Leadership and Innovation’s Center of Excellence for Integrated Care (COE) helps healthcare systems of all sizes and configurations make the changes necessary to deliver whole person care. Healthcare systems and clinics across the country have started to emphasize whole person care by developing and implementing integrated care models. While evidence has shown that these models are beneficial to patients and providers, healthcare systems and clinics can struggle to shift from their former way of operating to this new whole person paradigm. 

At COE we work with a wide range of clinics and healthcare systems, from the executive leadership level to the clinician working directly with patients, to make the changes needed to meet these new standards for excellent care. When patients are treated through a whole person lens, everyone benefits.

Let us help transform your healthcare system today!

The mission of the Center of Excellence for Integrated Care is to aid in the clinical, operational and financial transformation of healthcare systems to provide whole person care for all. 

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