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For over a decade, the Foundation for Health Leadership and Innovation’s Center of Excellence for Integrated Care (COE) has been assisting healthcare clinics and systems in providing whole person care.

Our philosophy is simple: build buy-in across the organization and flexibly use evidence-based approaches to fit local needs. We recognize that clinics are not equally resourced and are prepared to take the core elements of evidence-based models and interventions and match them to the needs of your clinic. 

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Ultimately, our goal is to help clinics and providers improve the mental and physical health of primary care patients and clients of mental health homes. We work with a variety of sites and programs such as primary care offices, clinics and hospitals, community collaboratives, school-based health centers, substance use facilities, mental health clinics and local government organizations.




Community Responses to Mental Health

Living through the COVID-19 Pandemic taught us a lot about our well-being – physically, socially, and especially mentally and emotionally. With unending days of isolation and distance, lack of routines, consistent uncertainty and fear, as well as grief and loss, the topic of conversation quickly highlighted the emotional suffering experienced by many. It emphasized that […]

How to Find a Therapist

“A good therapist will meet you wherever you are in your journey and help you get closer to truly living your best life—however you define that.”   Sara Herrity Moscarelli, MS, LMFT | COE Senior Project Manager Finding a therapist can be confusing and challenging to navigate whether you have been to therapy before or are […]

Social Media and Mental Health: Friends or Foes?

I am an elder millennial. I am part of the generation that knew what life was like before social media, but also went through middle school with the AIM screenname “saraobx”—leaving away messages with moody song lyrics and “brb ttyl lylas”. The generation who had to receive an invite to join Facebook when it was […]

All Parts Make Whole Person Health

Our bodies are made up of complex systems. Not being a physician, I cannot explain the intricacies of our neurological system, respiratory system, endocrine system, digestive system and so on. I can however tell you that when I experience a stressor, I have a thought and depending on that thought my breathing may change, my […]

Nurture Your Whole-Person Health

Have you ever had a day, a month, or, heck, maybe even a whole year or YEARS that really tested your resolve? A time that really pushed you mentally, physically, socially, spiritually to the edge? Maybe your sleep was troubled and you ate what you could when you could. Perhaps you forgot to call and […]

The Spirit of Mental Well-being

In the behavioral and mental health space, we talk often about the biopsychosocial (BPS) model that was developed in the 70’s by psychiatrist Dr. George Engel. As we move in to 2023, some might reference the BPS model when talking about whole person care, a phrase that is firmly taking hold in healthcare overall. Our […]

Healthy Relationships and Mental Well-being

Can you think of a person in your social circle who makes you laugh easily, helps you feel heard and understood, and feels energizing to be around? Relationships, and relational health, are instrumental in our mental well-being. As part of our Mental Health Awareness Month series, which we kicked off last week (, we will […]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it cannot be denied that mental health has become a focal point of many broader discussions in our state and country over the last few years. There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic worsened the state of mental health in North Carolina and beyond. According to Mental […]

Bringing it to Life

While the month of May flew by, the idea of mental health awareness, is here to stay. Now more than ever, Americans are talking about their mental health in a way that is forcing the conversation around the unnecessary stigma of seeking support. No longer in the shadows of healthcare, mental health is slowly gaining […]

Passing it on

*For the month of May, honoring Mental Health Awareness, the Center of Excellence for Integrated Care, a program of the Foundation for Health Leadership and Innovation, will host a series of blogs following Alex. These weekly journal entries from Alex begin in 2032 when Alex is 18 years old. Over the month Alex will reflect […]

The mission of the Center of Excellence for Integrated Care is to aid in the clinical, operational and financial transformation of healthcare systems to provide whole person care for all.