The Center of Excellence for Integrated Care (COE) provides the training necessary to improve and grow the skills and competence of providers, staff and leadership to support the implementation of whole-person care.

The COE provides training to organizational groups as well as to communities of providers with shared interests and learning needs.

Photo of Audience Listening to Speaker

We design training to meet the needs and size of the audience and the duration of the training. For example, one COE staff person for a one-hour training with 5-10 individuals compared to our full team for 40+ individuals for a half- or full-day presentations.

We want your audience members to feel fully engaged and believe in small staff-to-learner ratios whenever possible. We aim to provide hands-on experiential learning for audiences, understanding that one of the key components to make training applicable is matching learner needs with the topics and material presented. While training is typically presented by COE expert staff, we may also find other expert partners to facilitate your training needs.

The staff at COE can adapt presentation styles to a variety of location sizes and accommodations. We are happy to meet you and your staff where you are and make both the foundational and more nuanced elements of integrating behavioral and physical health digestible and applicable.

Trainings include: 

  • On-site trainings; one-hour, half or full day trainings, with topics that strategically match integration goals
  • One-on-one individual training tailored to specific staff needs, with follow up observation and coaching
  • Live webinar presentations and webinar series
  • Online integrated care curriculum with special topics and learning modules

Example training topics include but are not limited to:

  • Administration, Scoring and Interpretation of the PHQ-9 for Clinical Staff
  • Assessing and Responding to Suicidal Ideation and Suicidal Crises in Primary Care
  • Brief, Evidence-Based Behavioral Health Interventions for Primary Care BHCs
  • Integrating Health Goals into Behavioral Health Treatment Plans
  • Organizational Approach to Provider and Staff Burnout
  • The Financial World of Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration
  • Stage-Wise Interventions for Treating Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use
  • A Whole Person Approach to Chronic Pain
  • Elements of Successful Team-Based Care

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