The Center of Excellence for Integrated Care blog will highlight areas of interest in integrated care and a variety of perspectives on the process of organizational change as it relates to integrated care.

Press Release – July 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJULY 30, 2021 The Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation Secures Funding to Improve and Advocate for Behavioral Health Needs of North Carolina’s Children and Adolescents The new program, funded by The Duke Endowment, will be led by FHLI’s Center for Excellence for Integrated Care team CARY— The Center of Excellence for Integrated […]

Oral and Behavioral Health Integration

Jamie: My background has always been in integrated care. From training through licensing, I lived, ate, and breathed integrated care! Coming from a rural community with limited healthcare services, behavioral health and physical health existing in the same space has always just made sense to me. But after a few years of my focus being […]

So, You’re Thinking of Trying Therapy…

Seven helpful tips from a therapist (who has been to therapy herself!) on navigating the decision to start the therapy journey. by Sara Herrity, MS, LMFT If the last 15 months have taught us anything, it is that: Social media is the best and worst thing ever (hello Tiktok dances, but also political debates) Banana […]

Systemic Change to Build Post-Pandemic Resilience in North Carolina Children, Adolescents, and Families

Children are amazing and resilient. Yes, children and adolescents can often handle more than we care to realize. However, 2020 and the beginnings of 2021 have been more than any of us could have ever imagined. Even the leaders running the world had no idea how much, how long, and how impactful the events of […]

Gratitude – The Helpers.

By Lisa Tyndall, PhD, LMFT In moments when I am lamenting the dumpster fire 2020 has been, gratitude is often the furthest thing from my mind. And yet, in my more mindful moments, I truly believe gratitude offers the highest and best path forward. I have always enjoyed the power of words and one of […]

Fall Integrated Care Learning Opportunity

Many of our sites and partners were excited about the momentum of the NC Integrated Care Symposium created last year. While this year is a bit different, we want to welcome last year’s attendees and future attendees to what we have in store for this November! In the fall of 2019, the Center of Excellence […]

Essential Understanding: What is psychotherapy?

Friday, September 25th is recognized as “National Psychotherapy Day” in the United States. In healthcare, we have observed that some patients, clients, and providers seem to have an aversion to the idea of psychotherapy, probably due to the stigma associated with the term or related terms. As a team of therapists working to promote behavioral health integration and whole-person care, the Center of Excellence for Integrated Care staff wanted to use today as an opportunity to promote a better understanding of psychotherapy.

Mental Health and Substance Use in Community Health Webinar Series

Implementation in a Flash

This edition of the COE blog is co-authored by Julie Austen, PhD, and Lisa Tyndall, PhD, LMFT. Dr. Austen is an Implementation Specialist at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Tyndall is a Senior Integration Specialist at the Center of Excellence for Integrated Care […]

Experiencing Integrated Care

Welcome to the Team In this story, Ricky Caliendo, LMHC, provides a narrative that describes the experience of integrated care from a patient’s perspective. The names of the patient and doctor are fictitious. “Another night of lost sleep,” I think to myself as the screeches of a toddler travel into my bedroom. There he is. […]

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